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Important Notice

Saclin Gloves, both Nitrile and Latex are manufactured to the highest standards in Malaysia, being the most prominent producers of gloves in the world 

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic and tremendous burden this has placed on the manufacturing sectors globally for, in particular, protective equipment, Safarmex has had to accept globally driven price hikes by the manufacturing sector in order to secure stock holding for South Africa. As part and parcel of this concession just to secure stock, we have also had to accept longer lead times. Safarmex is working tirelessly to ensure that stock comes into our stores so that we can distribute to those that need it the most. We are aware that the delays and fluctuating pricing can cause some frustration but we can assure you that our stock holding will begin to increase as commitments and production secured in March ’20 begin to arrive in South Africa for distribution and our pricing will stabilize as the Rand returns to “normal” and stock leaves the factories, no longer subject to the open market bidding wars that have been happening between countries for this much sought after product 

We will be in contact with all our loyal customers as soon as stock arrives 

We thank you for your patience during these trying times

Surgical consumables

  • Catheters
  • Canulae
  • Syringes
  • Needles
  • Endotracheal Tubes
  • TUR Urine Bages
  • Respiratory Tubes & Masks
  • Surgical Blades
  • Examination & Surgical Gloves
  • Linen Savers
  • Bespoke Operation Kits