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Medical equipment supply forms the basis of health security in South Africa, a point that has been made abundantly clear with the global pandemic which has rocked even the strongest economies. Far too much reliance is placed on international manufacture despite the availability of resources locally.  Saclin PPE takes full advantage of the textiles industry in South Africa and manufactures all of its its coveralls locally, available immediately and of the highest quality. 


Saclin PPE includes a full range of 100% locally manufactured coveralls. Coveralls are available in Small to 3-XL sizes and comprise of disposable 50 gsm micro-porous spunbond material as well as 55 gsm splash proof laminated spunbond material.
55 gsm laminated coveralls in stock
  • EN 29073-3 Tensile Tested
  • EN 20811 Water Penetration Tested

KN 95

Respiratory masks meeting FFP2 Classifications equivalent 

Face Shields

100% Locally manufactured with adjustable strap and hard frame. 400 micron thick face visor

3-ply face mask

>99% filtration efficiency

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Our stock levels are constantly changing as well as our additions to the Saclin PPE range

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