About us

Safarmex has always been a proponent of the fact that the development of intellectual property, through skills transfer and empowerment, is the one of the most successful mechanisms to grow and secure wealth, both for the individual as well as the community. This philosophy is aimed at developing individual skills to enable sustainable growth and development.

Speaking directly to its philosophy, Safarmex has “Service Excellence” as one of its key performance indexes and drives this intrinsic value into all of its projects and ventures. The Safarmex Group supplies exceptional products and services as part of a complete and holistic approach that is expandable and client centric. This ensures that the Groups clients are empowered sufficiently to promote growth and sustainability

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Safarmex is a firm believer in the need for corporate transparency and the impact its existence has within the social dynamics of its internal and external environment. For this reason Safarmex is proud to identify its partners in ownership and promote the work which they carry out.

The Safarmex learnership program

In striving to meet its commitment to the community in which it serves Safarmex is a registered company with W&RSETA and offers new entrants into the labour market of South Africa an opportunity to learn and grow within the context of practical work experience

Safarmex is a level 3 contributor and with a level 2 company in the Group, Safarmex Medical Logistics (Pty) Ltd

Medical Logistics
Safarmex Medical Logistics offers a turn key and departmental management services for all logistical needs

Safarmex houses an extensive range of woundcare, infection control, surgical consumables and orthopaedics

Safarmex is committed to working with those that strive to bring efficiency and care to their customers

Africa’s first dedicated orthopaedic brand

From blades and needles to gloves and bedding

Medical Grade, Honey based woundcare product

Infection control in the palm of your hands

Deep tissue debridement and wound preparation

Safarmex is a registered holder of Manufacturing, Distribution and Wholesaler licences for Medical Devices in South Africa for all its facilities. Should you wish to know more please don’t hesitate to contact us.