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with the country entering level 2 lockdown restrictions and a light finally visible at the end of the tunnel it is now more important than ever to protect your neighbour. Follow social distancing, wear a mask and practice safe hygiene.

Some of us have been fortunate enough to weather the storm and now it’s time help those left out and to bring the ship home.

Stay as always 

Committed to Care


Our Products


Safarmex’s brand of home diagnostic devices brings our expertise and focus on Care to the home. The Restaura diagnostic range includes blood pressure monitors, thermometers and glucometers



California based diagnostic healthcare manufacturer focusing on immunoassay development, automated manufacturing, monoclonal antibody characterization and development, and molecular assay development.

Wound Care

Lohmann & Rauscher (L&R) is a leading international supplier of medical devices and hygiene products of the highest quality. Through Safarmex, L&R is able to supply a wide range of basic and advanced wound care products and negative pressure therapy systems.

L-Mesitran is a pioneering product range based on Medical Grade Honey.The advanced wound care dressings from Holland were the first to receive the CE mark and FDA approval. They have been used on a variety of severe wounds around the globe, including antibiotic resistant (MRSA) infected wounds, capitalising on the natural bacterial limiting effects of honey whilst creating the perfect conditions for faster wound healing.

Leveraging copper’s potent antibacterial properties, MedCu provides a unique proposition to address acute, critical and chronic wounds. The copper-based wound dressings follow the successful commercialization of copper compounds impregnated into various fabrics and polymers after 15 years of research and are protected by 30 patents worldwide. A first in South Africa

Home Care

Safarmex’s brand of homecare devices brings our expertise and focus on Care to the home and office. The Restaura range includes nebulizers and humidifiers helping you better control the home or office environment whilst remaining stylish and unassuming. Our nebulisers are chosen to bring comfort to the user as well as making it easier on parents to treat the younger family members.

Gloves & Personal Protective Equipment

The Saclin range of Gloves includes SABS approved Nitrile and latex examination gloves as well as latex surgical and high risk gloves. 

With one of the greatest challenges the health sector of South Africa has ever faced, COVID-19 made it abundantly clear that the local reliance on international suppliers of PPE needed to be addressed. In light of this, Safarmex embarked on a project to manufacture local protective equipment starting with coveralls. All of our coveralls are 100% locally manufactured.

Needles & Syringes

Saclin concentric, eccentric and dental syringes as well as multiple sized hypodermic and dental needles


Saclin range of endotracheal tubes, cannula, guedel airways, respiratory tubing and masks

Hygiene & Incontinence

Saclin catheters, TUR urine bags, linen savers and draw sheets


Hand and surface disinfectants and soaps.

Surgical Consumables

A large offering of surgical consumables which include, alcohol swabs, blades of varying sizes and shapes, and bespoke complete operation kits.

Surgical Instruments

German engineered surgical instruments in the following fields: general instruments, neurosurgery, electrosurgery, ophthalmology, arthroscopy, micro extra fine and vessel clips and clamps, punches & rongeurs and retractor systems

Compression & Orthoses

Through Safarmex, L&R is able to supply a wide range of orthoses, support and retention products as well as British Standard compression hosiery (formerly known as Activa)

Venosan Compression stockings

Venosan hosts a range of European Class compression and support stockings for all relevant medical and life situations.  Venosan makes an important contribution to the prevention and treatment of venous disorders, for both women and men


for experts committed to care
Ossotech focuses on orthopaedic solutions encompassing both product and service to the market. Partnering with Safarmex, Ossotech offers products in arthroplasty, trauma and spine as well as electric drills and saws. 

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